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About Us 

CAMM offers value driven, no excuse accountability. We work with a key group of partners to achieve the outcome you expect and deserve.  We work on a core set of principles:

We seek to offer the best resources as your trusted advisor.

We honor our commitment to our clients and ourselves.

We do not compromise our responsibility for special interest.

Our integrity is defined by our ability to distinguish right from wrong and doing the right thing.  

We recognize that respect requires truthfulness and empathy.  This is why we only make promises we can keep.  It is out of respect for your time and budget. 

Our mission is simple:   

Christ Amazingly Manages Many and we strive to serve you the same way.  

Who guides you?

Coleen O. Madden is the Owner & CEO of CAMM Group, Inc and has over 15 years of experience serving individuals, senior executives and professionals addressing their simplest task but is entrusted with the most urgent and critical issues.   Coleen started CAMM after seeing the need to make a difference with a company that takes seriously the pursuit for excellence.  Her call to serve is seen as her moral responsibility to her God, family, clients, employees, and country.  Coleen entered the vocation of entrepreneurship while attending Sam Houston State University.